Melanoma - info on possibly reoccurring


Melanoma - info on possibly reoccurring

Hello, I was diagnosed with melanoma at age 23. It was superficial spreading melanoma INSITU. Was removed by specialist Professor John Thompson RPA. Anyway 12 years on the scar was itchy and been sore. I just noticed a large protruding lump today at the site of the scar about size of large marble. Im yet to see a GP. I'll be seeing one tomorrow.

Its just strange that a lump appears all of a sudden and right near melanoma scar. Im concerned that it may be reoccurring melanoma. Has anyone experienced this? What tests can be done? Thank you.

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Re: Melanoma - info on possibly reoccurring

Itching can be a bad sign and don't scratch. Use hot moist or cold. Your doctor can start visually and administer any further tests. I'd maybe try both your gp or a dermatologist whoever can see you sooner or an ER if you feel that is necessary. The good I see is that this came up fast and is possibly just a cyst that may very well be related to your previous melanoma.
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