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Get started on helping others

Hello all!


Many people sign up to the Cancer Council Online Community to ask questions and you would all know from your own experiences out in the world, that it would be frustrating if no one responded to your post. And this is where you can all help!


If you're looking to help other members of the Online Community or simply have a few minutes to spare once a week, why not consider looking through the anything that has been posted in the past few weeks but hasn't had a response as yet, and posting a reply to that person?


---> Search for posts without replies here <---


If you don't know the answer to what that person has asked, even posting saying you know how they feel or even tagging another member who you think can help, myself or any of the other staff here at Cancer Council if you think the question is a bit beyond you're expertise, is a great way to acknowledge that person and their post.


You can tag someone by type @ and then typing the username of the person you want to notify.


If you do need to tag a moderator - you are welcome to tag myself, @Annette_CCNSW or @Chande - we are easily identifiable by the yellow daffodil next to our names Smiley Very Happy  And of course, there are a few other staff members about as well if you need them.




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