Skin biopsy (punch) question

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Skin biopsy (punch) question

Hello everyone, 

I’m new here, I had a skin lump on my face punch biopsied, only a small amount, and since it was done it looks like the lump has vanished.. of course google doesn’t help and said malignant melanomas can regress after such biopsy due to the bodies healing ability.. 

it was close to the surface of the skin, like a skin coloured mole that was hard and immovable.. so the fact it’s disappeared is confusing and worrying.. 

have any of you had a lump disappear after biopsy but it wasn’t a bad diagnosis? 



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Re: Skin biopsy (punch) question

Hey @Vamp27, welcome to our little community!


I had one done on my right arm a few years ago - was raised and different colours, so my GP did it as a precaution (I'm incredibly fair skinned and had red hair when I was younger, so freckle city!!). The punch biopsy pretty much took all of it and it's now not there, just a smooth piece of clear skin surrounded by freckles. That one was clear as well with regards to the results.


If you're at all worried though, I'd suggest you go to your GP and discuss it with them, or see a different GP if you're not happy. You are entitled to seek other opinions.


Has anyone else had experience with punch biopsies?




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