Lymphoma Symptoms

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Lymphoma Symptoms

Hi everyone,


I have recently been struggling with a lot of health issues for the past year. However, in recent months things seen to have gotten worse. I am only 19 so I should not be experiencing any of these health issues. I am currnelty waiting on test results and to get in for some more testing, to confirm or rule out lymphoma. I am having very bad anxienty over this as something is just not right with me. I do not have any lumps but I do have the following symptoms;


  • Serve itching (can come and go but if i'm itchy it is always serve and my skin goes raw)
  • Nightsweats (sometimes every night, sometimes only a few times per week. It can even happen during short naps). They are so bad that I have to shower and change my pjs and bedding. 
  • Tender / swollen lymph nodes (somedays they can be more swollen than others)
  • Fatigue
  • Joint / Muscle pain 
  • Bloating
  • Some appitite loss (minimal weight loss though)
  • Intolerence to alcohol (my glands get very sore few up to a week after drinking)
  • Weakened immune system (I get a cold or flu nearly every second week and suffer from infections frequently). 
  • Shortness of breath/ chest tightness (I cant even go up one flight of stairs without struggling to breath 

Can you still have lymphoma without any lumps? Has anyone had similar symptoms?


Thank you for reading,


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Re: Lymphoma Symptoms

Hi Liv 

I cant offer you any Heath information but i feel your struggle with the anxiety aspect, I’m 18 and am having tests to rule out bowel cancer.

I guess I’m replying to let you know your not alone! 
I really hope everything works out for you! 

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Re: Lymphoma Symptoms

Thank you! I hope everything works out for you too. We are too young to be going through this. 

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Re: Lymphoma Symptoms

This to shall pass 🙏
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