Transgender man with Breast Cancer

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Transgender man with Breast Cancer

Hi everyone! I'm Kristjan a transgender man living in New South Wales. In October 2020 I had gender affirming surgery (a double massectomy with bilateral nipple grafts) as part of the surgery they send the removed tissue for lab testing. During this testing they found some evidence of early stage breast cancer. They are 99% sure they got all of it but at the moment have me in a holding pattern to wait before my scaring to heal before they can do some scans to confirm I'm all good (I'm 2 months in to a 6 month wait)... My partner has been amazing, supporting me the best she can, but at the moment I feel so lost in the worry and not having anyone to talk to in a similar situation.

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Re: Transgender man with Breast Cancer

Hi Kristjan,

Congratulations on finding the cancer early!!

Have they talked about further treatment, or are they waiting until they can do further scans to make a decision? (I'm guessing the later)

Firstly, everybody hates the wait. It's awful. The not knowing feels like your life has been suspended in some way.

Chances are you will be fine, but you'll just have to wait until after the surgery to get that confirmation. But truly that is the hard part. It's easier said than done.

I find that despite knowing that I will be fine, there is that niggling voice in my head.


Try to find a distraction or something else to concentrate on is my best advice. I'm not too sure how much you can exercise you can do at the moment while you are recovering from surgery, so maybe try to pick up a new hobby that will require you to concentrate and learn something new. I distraction if you want.


Best of luck with your recovery and your results. Please keep us all updated!



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Re: Transgender man with Breast Cancer

Do you have your results back yet?


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Re: Transgender man with Breast Cancer

Hi Sch,

apologies I meant to get on and thank you for your words. They have been helpful and I have been trying not to think about it to the best of my ability and having up and down days.


The pink cricket test being on this week has been a real booster, seeing all of the great things the breast care nurses are doing and also seeing some media stuff about men with breast cancer and talking about the taboo of men talking about breast cancer among men has made me feel a little less dysphoric about a perceived female cancer.


unfortunately no results as of yet as I still have another 3 months to wait before they can do the additional scans as my scar tissue would still cause issues when doing them. I go back to my original plastic surgeon on the 25th and am hoping he has heard from the college he referred my case onto as when we tried to call before Christmas we were unable to speak to anyone.


Thank you so much for checking in it is very much appreciated.

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