Toddler worried about possible Lymphoma

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Toddler worried about possible Lymphoma

Hi, I’m not really sure why I’m writing this, no where else to turn to I guess.

End of Oct we had an appointment at the hospital for my sons scar management while there a doctor suddenly noted a large lump on his neck.

I said that I had seen it before about a year ago but there was one on the other side too so I thought it was normal.

She had a good feel and said I should book in a doctors for it.

The doctors sent us for an ultrasound which then referred us for a MRI/CT with this we got a referral to The children’s hospital ENT and was seen two weeks later. 
At this appointment she said he had very large lymph’s and wanted to remove his tonsils & adenoids and would do lots of bloods and a biopsy of his lymph’s while under and skip the


We are now waiting surgery date (mid

Jan-ish) but I feel so worse as the time goes on.

my toddler keeps getting sick and has really developed “sick eyes” .

He wakes lots during the night with pools of sweat, he has lost 1.5kilos since the start of the year, the last couple weeks he has been so tired and grumpy and is always asking me to take him to bed.

I dunno if I should go back to the hospital and push for quicker surgery or just keep waiting.

I feel so helpless.

Any advice or stories would be really appreciated.

thank you xo

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Re: Toddler worried about possible Lymphoma


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Re: Toddler worried about possible Lymphoma

Hi @MothertoCRM and welcome to our community!


Have you had any word about when your son's surgery date is as yet?


You are definitely entitled to get in contact with your child's doctor, the surgeon or even the registrar at the hospital and discuss your concerns with them. I'd certainly recommend doing so if you are concerned in any way, shape or form at any point.


Sending hugs, please update us.



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