New Breast Cancer Diagnosis


New Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Hi Everyone, my names Trish.

After finding an 8mm lump, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few days before Christmas. I’ve been lucky enough to have had an appointment with my surgeon already and have been for a full body CT Scan and a Bone Density Scan, these both came up clear of cancer having spread anywhere else. I had an MRI yesterday on my breasts and am waiting for the doctor to call me with our plan of attack. Not sure yet what type of cancer it is and am struggling with all of the waiting for answers. I was looking at the report from my biopsy and noticed that it said grade 3 cancer, I’ve googled and it’s saying that’s the most aggressive. My mind is going in circles and I’m so worried about not upsetting my husband and kids. Showing a brave face to everyone at the moment but I’m really frightened. I usually pride myself on being such a strong person but feel so out of control. How can I cope with what I can’t control?


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Re: New Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Hello @BusyMum and welcome to the community!


Have you heard from your doctor yet with any more details and/or a plan of attack?


You are not alone here ❤️


Have you also spoken with our team on 13 11 20? They will be able to chat to you about Cancer Connect which enables you to Talk to someone who has had cancer as well as perhaps, think about things like counselling or other support.


You may also like to check out ourPodcasts, which include one about talking to kids about cancer and another about family dynamics.


Sending hugs!!


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