Mass found in uterus

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Mass found in uterus

Hello all,

I hope I am in the right place as I do not yet have a diagnosis.

I am 32 years of age and have 4 children, all conceived naturally - no issues with fertility.

Approx 5 months ago I started spotting between periods. The first month I put it down to the emergency contraception I took. The second month it happened again, by the 3 rd month I knew something was not right and could no longer blame the pill.

things have been gradually getting worse, with the spotting starting earlier each cycle. Alongside the spotting, I have had abnormal discharge, ranging from pink, to brown to large amounts of water. 
My last cycle I started to panic and rushed to a gyno they could fit me in earlier than my regular. He sent me for an ultrasound that showed nothing unusual. 
The period following was horrendous. I was changing pads every 30 minutes over night & a day, passing a huge clot (sometimes looked as big as a golf ball) each pad change.

That passed and my panic subsided. In terms of spotting things have been much better since.

Fast forward to yesterday & I met with my regular gyno. He conducted an ultrasound in his office  and there in plain sight was a mass, causing a bulge into my uterus. It was big enough for me to see without trying.

He is sending me for a d&c in 2 weeks and then obviously I will have to wait for results.

He is confident it is a fibroid due to my age and number of children, as well as a normal endometrial lining (not unusually thick). Of course I have been googling, which is not helpful I know. 

I guess I’m just reaching out to hear from anyone with similar symptoms/story. 

I’ve been worried about endometrial/uterine cancer for a number of weeks, now that there is a mass even more so.

I am also more concerned about the fact that it was not able to be seen a month ago, now it’s there.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Re: Mass found in uterus

Sorry meant to write ‘normal endometrial lining’ 🙂 
*worked out that I could edit* 🤣🤣

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Re: Mass found in uterus

Sending hugs to you @Sammy4  ❤️


You may find this podcast on managing fear a good thing to listen to at the moment. Whilst it has a cancer focus, it also has a lot of tips and strategies for not letting your fears overwhelm you, which is incredibly important for you right now.


What date is your d&c set for?



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Re: Mass found in uterus

Thanks so much for replying 🙂

I will definitely check out the podcast.

My d&c is set for 18th of Sept ❤️

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