Not diagnosed but scared.

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Not diagnosed but scared.

Hi all, my name is Renee and I am a mumma of 4 and 32yrs old.

Recently I found a lump in my left breast and went for a scan. They suggested biopsy amd I had it but it came back inconclusive and possible fibro.

They also found another one on my next scan and they didn't even bother with a biopsy because of my age, the fact they thought I had another and I just felt really dismissed.

I have swelling under my armpit on the left side and 2 tiny hard lumps that hurt to put my arm down. They hurt constantly and I really feel there is something wrong but I keep being dismissed.

I guess my question is, has anyone else had a similar situation and turned out to be breast cancer. 

I have little dots all over my left breast but they look like hair follicles gone crazy!  Should I persist in them taking them out. The second one they found was significantly larger than the first and is steadily growing and misshaped. 

I am pretty scared it could be worse and leaving it for another yr could be deterimental to my health. I am constantly tired, fatigued and wake up covered in sweat most nights. Please tell me I am not crazy haha.

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Re: Not diagnosed but scared.

Update from my scan yesterday shows a suspicious mass and they want me to go for a biopsy, doctor was giving me options but it was like he really wanted the biospy and not to chose option b..wait for 6months. 

It was already my year for waiting and now this makes me worry even more. 

It is in a new spot and there are new areas to be concerned about. Has this wait cost me time...I am so scared


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Re: Not diagnosed but scared.

Hello and welcome to the community @ReneeWells,


I think it's only natural that you're scared, it's a normal human reaction of the unknown. Your mind must be going a million miles an hour right now Heart


Have you given 13 11 20 a call? They are a great resource to use, even for just running through your options with and having that person with a health background to bounce off.


Have you discussed your concerns with your GP? You are also entitled to be asked to be referred to another GP that might be a breast specialist for a second opinion as well, if that would help you.

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Re: Not diagnosed but scared.

Renee are you still here? How did you get on? I have a lump, biopsy is next on the cards as soon as I can organise it.

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