Stage 1 lung cancer lobectomy

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Stage 1 lung cancer lobectomy


Never in my life would I dream of writing in such a forum. With other health issues I thought I had my dosage but a chance finding if solitary nodule on lung leads to a lobectomy of lower lobe next week. I am petrified. I am not coping. I am so scared of not waking up and other risks associated with this procedure....without even thinking what the future holds. During lung biopsy my lung collapsed and I had to stay overnight in hospital. I am petrified. I have scleroderma since 25 years ago which has causes ground glass opacities on lungs but have lived with that fairly normally and it has remained stable. Now this.....anyone been through this? I need reassurance. The hospital tella you you have cancer, you see the surgeon for a date to be set and they send you home as if you have just been told you have the flu. No mental support. And your whole world changes from one day to the next. Help please. And can doctors please stop saying I am LUCKY??!!!  Georgie

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Re: Stage 1 lung cancer lobectomy

Whoever you are thank you for the heart.
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Re: Stage 1 lung cancer lobectomy

Hi Georgie,

Never say never! Try to stay strong, because you never know what is possible. 🙂

I know what you mean about being scared of not waking up. I've never had a lobectomy, but I have had enough health issues that I've had the very real fear of not waking up after surgery.

I don't know whether you are religious or not, but I've always found meditating or running/walking (I'm guessing you can't run/long walks because of the lung)  helps me focus my mind and relax. All my fears seem to fade away.

The unknown of what is around the corner is so scarey and I know that I can't possibly know what you are going through.

But if I could hold your hand right now and reassure you that tomorrow is another day, I would.

love S.




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Re: Stage 1 lung cancer lobectomy

Thank you. Yes...I have been hugging many strangers amongst all thd hospital people I have had to see lately....just wanting the reassurance that I will wake up and that these operations are being done all the time and these surgeons know what they are doing. I don't think I've ever been so petrified in all my life...I suppose because it's lungs, not a knee replacement or such! 

What a foul epidemic of a disease....

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Re: Stage 1 lung cancer lobectomy

Hi @Georgie65 and welcome!


How are you doing today?


I've just sent you an email with some details of our Cancer Connect program, I think this would be a great option for you right now.


Sorry to hear you have not had much support, thankfully you have found us!! I also have scleroderma, though mine is localised, related conditions do cause problems Heart


Have a look at my email and reply if you're interested, I can also have our Connect team chat to you about counselling Smiley Happy


You are not alone now!



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Re: Stage 1 lung cancer lobectomy


I had the lobectomy in June.  They removed the right hand side, lower lobe.

I had a 7 day stay in hospital, and continued on strong pain killers for about 2 weeks afterwards.

I found I spent most days at home for the first few weeks living my in pj's and watching tv, or sleeping (side effect of the pain killers).


After a few weeks I started feeling normal again.  It felt like I had popcorn in my chest, it was the lung trying to expand, it was a weird sensation.


i start my chemo (for precaution) tomorrow. I am having 4 cycles of it.

My lung cancer was stage 2, nodule in the lung, and an infected lymph node.

Hopefully it will never return, but the fear is still there.


Hope everything goes well for you.








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