Oesophageal Cancer Therapy/Stenting

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Oesophageal Cancer Therapy/Stenting

Hi everyone,


I am reaching out on this forum to see whether anyone here or a loved one has had experience with stenting for oesophageal cancer. 

My dad is currently undergoing treatment, however surgery is not an option for him so symptom management is where we are at. It has been an intense rollercoaster. He is still having chemo but the surgeons have suggested inserting a stent to assist with his dypshagia (difficulty swallowing). He is on feeds through a tube at the moment and is only able to tolerate sips of fluid. I guess my question is whether anyone or their loved one has had a stent inserted and what their experience was? Did it improve quality of life or were there any complications? 


I have been reading on other forums with mixed responses and we are just very unsure which path to take at this point. I would appreciate any information, stories or advice.


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Re: Oesophageal Cancer Therapy/Stenting


I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.

I don't have any experience with this personally, but I was wondering which option did you choose.

How did it go?


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Re: Oesophageal Cancer Therapy/Stenting

Hi LC, I am sorry about your dad, unfortunately we cannot share with you any personal experiences with the use of a Stent. I can share with you some information I hope could be of some help.  


Having a stent

People with advanced oesophageal cancer who are having trouble swallowing and do not have any other treatment options may have a flexible tube (stent) inserted into the oesophagus.

The stent expands the oesophagus to allow fluid and soft food to pass into the stomach more easily. This stent also prevents food and saliva going into the lungs and causing infection. The stent does not treat the cancer but will allow you to eat and drink more normally. Stents can cause indigestion (heartburn) and discomfort. Occasionally, the stents will move down the oesophagus into the stomach and may need to be removed.

Kind regards



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