Terminal cancer/ Covid

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Terminal cancer/ Covid


I am writing to you about my son not getting his cancer treatment,

He has a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4 brain tumour. He had been on a clinical

trial last year but it ended in 2021. He was allowed to keep on the same treatment

for as long as it keeps his tumour stable.

When he went for his treatment on 13 July, the hospital gives you a Rapid Test which

unfortunately showed he had Covid (even though he did not show any symptoms).

He went for a PCR test which did show he had Covid. He was told by the hospital

oncology dept. he could not have his treatment for another 2 weeks which was 27 July( he has been having

his treatment every two weeks since the clinical trial).

My son was very upset and found it hard to mentally cope, and had concerns what would happen

if he missed a treatment.

His question is: Why could they not have put him in another room and given him his

treatment, it seems that there is no policy/plan for patients who have terminal cancer to still

get their treatment if they get Covid.

What will happen if he gets Covid again, does he miss out on treatment again??

I have written to the hospital, but no reply as yet.

My sons concern is having the Rapid Test before going into his treatment.

The Victorian Health Dept. needs to advise on it's policy/rules/plan for cancer patients to

still get their treatment. especially terminal patients.





P.S There is a piece from Peter Mac Cancer

       "Delaying treatment may impact outcomes so it's important to speak with your

         treating team if you have any concerns"

I have spoken to son's team, but the feeling was they don't have a policy/plan in place

for cancer patients that may get Covid.

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Re: Terminal cancer/ Covid

Hi Concerned Mum, that sounds so stressful for you and your son. The last thing you need is to have treatment withheld. Just keep asking questions of the medical team. That’s all I can suggest. Love and prayers to you for your boy. 🙏💕 LindaG 

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Re: Terminal cancer/ Covid

Thank you Linda for your kind words, we will just have to hope all goes well.

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