Just joined the fight

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Just joined the fight

Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself. I have recently joined in the fight against cancer with a diagnosis of liver cancer. Although the doctors have given me a time limit I intend to blow that out of the water and am staying positive. I have just started my 2nd chemo cycle, this is a lot worse than the first one, with the nausea and lack of energy. Is there someone out there with the same diagnosis?


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Re: Just joined the fight

Hi Kay,


Welcome! I’m Ben, 30 years old and live in Melbourne. It’s my first post too. I’ve been lurking around for a few weeks so hello everyone too! I saw no one had replied to your post yet. I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer at the end of May, which has spread to my liver and I have just had round 4 of chemo. I hear you about the side effects! This has been the worst round for me so far too - have been nauseated and vomited quite a number of times and feeling pretty flat too. I’ve had all these side effects previously but not quite this bad. I’m hoping it largely clears up in a few days like has happened previously and I feel ok for the second week before round 5. 

Good on you for staying positive - I really think it makes a difference. I had a pretty grim prognosis initially (still not fantastic) although I think I’m very lucky to be here right now. I really did try and stay upbeat and hopeful in those early stages and I think it definitely helped. Even now I’m trying to celebrate the small wins and make the best of when I am feeling ok to spend time with loved ones and still have some laughs and fun. 

Wishing you and everyone else on here all the best for the journeys you’re on and always happy to chat 🙂 




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Re: Just joined the fight

Hi Ben thanks for the reply, you are so young to have this hanging over you. I'm 67. It's good to talk to someone going through the same thing. You are only the 3rd person I've come across with liver cancer. My journey started with secondry cancer on the liver so there was a hunt for the primary which turned out to be in the bioducts of my liver. I had my 4th round of chemo yesterday and felt really crook that day but today I woke with no pain, no nausea and a bit of energy, so there's hope mate. I have a disteneded belly which apparently is due to the liver seeping fluid into it, do you have that. Apparenty it's too risky to drain it. I have also struggled with constipation, that is fun and games. 


I also think that a positive attitude makes all the difference although that is a bit hard when you're suffering. But you are right to enjoy the little wins. My family also has the same attitude and we engage in a lot of jokes and laughter - that is how we deal with trauma. 


All the best luck Ben for you and your loved ones.


Cheers Kay

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