PICC lines

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PICC lines

Hey there! I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia back in July and since then I’ve gone through two PICC lines and am currently on my third. They keep getting infected and I end up suffering because of it. Ive dealt with awful fevers and have had the most horrible experiences with rigors. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I keep my PICC dry and any nurse who has ever changed my dressing has been in correct ppe and kept the area sterile. Also, I know that bleeding from the insertion site is normal after the first two ish days after insertion, but my own PICCs have always had a small amount of dried blood around them almost all the time. I can’t find anything online about insertion site bleeding other than right after Insertion. The nurses don’t seem too concerned but I would appreciate any advice or personal experiences. 
I hope everyone is doing well ❤️

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Re: PICC lines

Hi Selma,

I had a port-a-cath (often referred to as a port) installed for my chemo, which i had every 2 weeks for 6 months. It was hassle free for me.

I'm not too sure why a doctor or nurse would choose a PICC line over a port-a-cath. Maybe it's worth asking the question?


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Re: PICC lines



How was the side effects during your treatment?

I like the idea of only getting one treatment every 2 weeks. 

Hope all is well with you 

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