Pancreatic cancer newby

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Pancreatic cancer newby

Hi. I’m new here. Still learning. The last 10 months has been the biggest learning experience of my life. Diagnosed last May with pancreatic cancer. Had chemo and major surgery (Whipple procedure). When I was diagnosed I wanted to live. When I was going through treatment I wanted to die! Now I take each day as it arrives. Some days are good, some not so good. I tell people my cancer journey has two silver linings: I’m now down to the weight I’ve been trying to achieve for 25 years! and I’ve had a long break from full time work 😊

I’ve finished treatment for the time being. Now just on regular bloods and scan monitoring. The aim is to reach the 5 year survival statistic by getting stronger (physically and mentally) eating well and doing the things I’ve wanted to do for years but never have. 
Before I was diagnosed I didn’t think much about cancer - it’s something that happens to other people. After diagnosis, I slowly realised that most people with no cancer experience tend to think the same.  Whist educating myself, I’ve also realised  many others know very little; not just about cancer ‘the clinical disease’ but about how it affects every aspect of the lives of those who are diagnosed, and their loved ones. I’ve read some of your stories and I’m humbled. Stay strong. 

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Re: Pancreatic cancer newby

Hi Elizabeth67

It’s great you were able to have a Whipple,hopefully as time passes you will have many more good days than not so good ones ,that is the way after Whipple ,one day at a time is a good mantra, surgery gives you a  chance,it is a very challenging recovery that takes time,hard work,and dietary challenges.

Best wishes for your recovery and the goals you have set.


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