Please help I don't know if I have cancer or not

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Please help I don't know if I have cancer or not

My Ultrasound examination found: A large fluid cavity that extends from the epigastrium to the pelvis in a small space and occupies the entire width of the abdomen and causes deflection of the intestine and organs. Ocular with multiple cysts within them the nature of the findings is unclear. Left kidney 1.5 cm cyst at the upper pole and two angiomyolipomas measuring 1.4 cm and 0.75 cm. No evidence of hydronephrosis, lumps or stones. No abnormal findings were demonstrated in the upper retroperitoneum. Proper conversion cover without stones Bile ducts are not extended The spleen is the right size and texture The pancreas was demonstrated of normal size and structure The kidneys are the right size and structure The ventricular aorta is not dilated, with no free fluid in the abdominal cavity or pelvis The bladder is partially filled without finding a protrusion inside it.
The liver - is not enlarged in its normal texture. In the right lobe, the 1.5 cm mania was demonstrated.
Summary - Findings are mostly cystic and occupy most of the abdominal cavity, hemangioma in the liver, Cyst and AML in left kidney.
Blood test results were all fine except for hemoglobin - 11.5,
Ca19.9 - 64,
Ca125 - 57 I really want to know if it's cancer.
I am 46 years old and menstruation was always regular until two months ago it has appeared every two weeks for 5 days with light bleeding.
Please help me I'll really appreciate any answer to this. Thank you.

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Re: Please help I don't know if I have cancer or not

Hi @Liz9088,

This is one for your GP. Make an appt to see him/her asap (if you haven'talready), & get them to go thru the report with you. Try not to worry. All the big words they use in reports can quite often mean that things are normal. But do talk it over with your GP.

All the best

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