Possible thyroid cancer - indeterminate biopsy results


Possible thyroid cancer - indeterminate biopsy results

Hi team, I recently had an MRI as I’d hurt my neck and they found some nodules on my thyroid, with the largest measuring 18mm. So we did a biopsy and three samples were taken but the report has come back indeterminate. I’m baffled by this. What does this mean? They didn’t get good samples? My doctor is concerned as the ultrasound graded me TR 4 and as they’re highly vascular she has referred me to an endocrine surgeon who I will follow up with on Monday for an appointment. 

What I’m most curious about is what the nodules could be if they’re not cancerous? I have one cyst also but the remaining nodules are hard masses. 

Slightly stressing about it all but I do know that thyroid cancer is very treatable so I’m not all doom and gloom. 

Any similar experiences? Would love some perspective from others who have been in a similar situation. 

Many thanks. 


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Re: Possible thyroid cancer - indeterminate biopsy results

I have thyroid cancer I had one node which was 2.1cm. 
Yours could be benign but what I have been told by my specialist most of the time cancer is picked up when they take the thyroid out . 

but yes depending on the type  cancer it’s very treatable  even if you have some lymph node involvement based on age you could still be in stage 1. 
But some like medullary is very hard to treat and always comes back. 

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