Breast Cancer and chemo


Breast Cancer and chemo

I was found to have a lump in my left breast in November. After the lumpectomy there was a tiny spot of cancer in one of the four lymph glands removed. So small only pathology could see it under a microscope. Have more surgery and see if there was any more cancer in any of the other lymph? Then have chemo and radiation and hormone therapy if there was? 
More surgery or chemo…. my uneducated decision to make! 
I chose chemo because it seemed likely I would have to have it anyway and I wouldn’t be subjected to 30ish more lymph out. 
I’ve had 5 out of 8 chemo cycles and I can’t do it any more. I’m not someone who usually can’t cope, Thought I’d be back at work a couple of days at least by now. Fortnightly cycles. Have felt nauseous all the time, am covered in a weepy rash, been to hospital twice with horrendous pain in my chest and back, vomit from the anti nausea drugs, ulcers, aches etc, etc. No hair is nothing. Have spoken to my team, but keeping positive and antibiotics are just not helping. I think I’m done and scared.


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Re: Breast Cancer and chemo

Hi Jen, maybe they can adjust the dosage of chemo. When I first started chemo called RCHOP I had a terrible reaction to it and was in hospital twice, couldn’t eat, could barely walk, and felt like my body was being eaten up!  I wasn’t going to have any more but my lovely specialist cut the dose down and I was able to do the next 5 treatments. The worst thing then was the fatigue. I’m through it now and am 2 years cancer free. As you say, no hair is the least of your problems. So sorry you have to go through this Jen. Love and prayers to you 💕🙏 Linda G

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