Share one interesting thing!

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Share one interesting thing!



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We all have ups and downs, but what is one interesting thing that has happened in your life this week?


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An interesting and uplifting moment occured for us ,when I was away camping with just my wife at the weekend we were able to get her down to the river,for a quick dip in the water,does not seem much ,but it took her lots of effort ,she had a fall last year smashed her ankle both sides and had to be flown out by RFDS and surgery ,she suffers from balance problems caused by Parkinson's I held her all the time and she leant on a walking stick,we parked her walker this time.

The smile on her face and her words of I thought I would never ever enjoy the river water again.Were gold to me,It is such a small thing when other people are facing Cancer, but We have learned you take happiness any time and place you can get it.

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