Smelling the Roses


Smelling the Roses

Hi All

I am another ‘newbie’. There are sadly so many of us.  
I have just finished chemo and am about to start radiation for breast cancer (strange typing those 2 words!). Anyway I’ve been doing really well emotionally and have not had too many scary moments. I’ve often heard people who have experienced life threatening situations say that they experience changes in their life in regards to not stressing the small stuff,  realising what is important etc.  

So this hasn’t happened to me at all. No life changing habits, not drinking green concoctions, meditating or having epiphanies in life.
How do others feel?  Is this life changing experience going to happen?

Just wondering:)


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Re: Smelling the Roses

Hi KC,


I'm sorry to hear about your breast cancer. What stage were you diagnosed as?

I'm not too sure that there is any standard reaction when you have had a life threatening experience.

I think one of the things that will influence that will be how emotionally traumatic the situation was for you.

I don't think that the fact that you haven't had any of the "traditional" experiences makes yours any less. Just different.

I think that there are probably some specific situations that lend themselves more to these experiences than others.


How are you feeling now?

How is your treatment going?




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