Spinal cancers

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Spinal cancers

Hi all.. 


so I’m a 31 year old female with 3 children, youngest being 12 weeks..


the past few years I have struggled with back pain mainly lower back, since I had my last baby my back has been awful 😞 


they are sending me for mri scans. What are the chances of spinal cancer? Are they common? 


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Re: Spinal cancers

Hi Hough39,

Congratulations on your (relatively) new baby.

I guess back pain could be a symptom of cancer, but there are many other things that it is probably more likely to be.

Why do you think that the pain in your back might be related to cancer?

Is there a family history or other symptoms?

I'm sure that you probably have many other concerns and worries going on in your life right, but try not to jump ahead of yourself too soon!

Best of luck and chat with you soon.


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