Stage 4 Cancer

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Stage 4 Cancer

Hi there, 

we have unfortunately had cancer take many family members In a very short amount of time. 
last week my mum experienced a bowel obstruction. During surgery, the dr’s discovered she is ‘full of cancer’, it is not a mass or growth as such but described as like a spider web that has attached itself to her abdomen walls and liver. She now has a stoma. She has secondary breast cancer which she has been managing ok. We now realise that none of the scans etc could find or pick up the primary because this cancer is formed in a web like structure. We are told it is stage 4 and not good news. 
is there anyone out there that has experienced something like this. 
mum has been given 4-4mths. An enormous shock to us all as mum is only 66. 

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Re: Stage 4 Cancer

Hi jo2,

I'm very sorry to hear about your Mum (and your other family members too).

Is your Mum going to be receiving treatment?

Do your live near by?




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