The Tinman - How I approached my diagnosis

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The Tinman - How I approached my diagnosis

Good evening wonderful people. 

Matt here.

This time last year I was diagnosed with oesophogeal cancer.  

After 6 months of increasing difficulty swallowing , a routine endoscopy for a hiatus hernia found the tumour.

The diagnosis hit me like a mack truck. 

Luckily for me I was able to rally a fantastic medical team around me. 

After pre surgery chemotherapy, my surgeon was able to perform the Ivor Lewis procedure on me.

During the whole process, I kept a blog on my facebook page "The Tinman"  ( feel free to have a look).

This blog was a warts and all blog reflecting my good days and bad days.

My friends and family found this blog was a great way to keep them up to date without contacting me directly.

Hopefully the blog may help someone in a similiar situation.

One thing I have found is that there is no manual for this cancer. 

I would love to hear from others who have had the Ivor Lewis procedure. 


Keep smiling and laughing.



The Tinman


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Re: The Tinman - How I approached my diagnosis

Hi Matt,

This is great to hear. I'll have to watch it later.

How are you now?



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Re: The Tinman - How I approached my diagnosis

Unfortunately on Wednesday my surgeon advised me that more cancer was found.
Big kick in the guts but I will keep battling and smiling.
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Re: The Tinman - How I approached my diagnosis


What a week.
One thing about cancer it keeps you on your toes.
Over the past 6 months I have been describing myself as being cancer free, post surgery.
This has been one way of keeping positive and motivated.
You will also remember I have been having issues with my throat closing in post dilation.
Well during my last endoscopy and balloon dilation an inflamed area was found and a sample taken for a biopsy.
A week of sleepless nights resulted.
On Wednesday the doctor's phone call confirmed my worse fears. The biopsy indicated malignant cells.
Now this was a huge kick in the guts but not a big surprise as the wasnt a clear margin on one side of the tumour when it was removed.
Unfortunately now I can describe myself as with cancer. Not a great description but a true one.
Now as you probably realise it takes a fair bit to stop me.
I may be down but I am definitely not out.
While the odds arent in my favour I will definetely drag myself off the canvas and fight hard.
The longer I fight, the closer traditional and non traditional medicine will be to finding the solution.

One thing to remember is to keep smiling and laughing.

"The Tinman"

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Re: The Tinman - How I approached my diagnosis

Hi Mattthetinman,


I'm sorry to hear about your latest news.

I agree, the latest news is not great. But certainly, it's far from over yet by the sounds of it.

I've always taken great joy in showing how wrong statistics can be, and I get the feeling you're going to give it a go too.

I'm sorry to hear that you have cancer, but I'm very glad that you're here and that you're providing inspiration to others.

Best of luck mate and keep us posted.






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Re: The Tinman - How I approached my diagnosis

Thanks SCH.
It is interesting times.
I will definitely be trying to beat the odds.
Currently on Fraser Island resetting the system for the next battle.
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