Staying positive and optimistic after diagnosis

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Staying positive and optimistic after diagnosis

Hello community, 
I’m reaching out on behalf of my partner Shane and I. It’s been a few days since we discovered Shane’s unwell with Leukaemia. We knew it was serious but we knew it was important we remain calm and in control of ourselves and our emotions. We kept it together placing our focus on researching and tapping into resources to help

us get through it.
We let our families & our clients know the news, we researched google to gain a better understanding of AML, we contacted the Cancer Council & the Leukaemia Foundation to find support groups that we have already booked ourselves into 2 online support groups to help us navigate unchartered waters. We are optimistic about our future together and we are especially grateful to be a part of this helpful online community. 
Out thanks to the team at cancer council for this amazing resource being available and to the many supporting contributors who are facing their journey, or helping someone they love or know someone with cancer. We are truly blessed. 
Best wishes


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