Throat cancer

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Throat cancer

Hi, Nov 2019 had biopsy found tumor 29mm x27mm back of throat. In Jan 2020 started chemo and 35 radiation treatments. Prior to that had peg fitted to stomach so liquid feeding through peg for 16months had to replace with new peg after 13 months. Started dilation procedures on oesophagus which had reduced down to 10mm diameter from not being used as they slowly increased the size swallowing very slowly improved. After two years and 8 procedures am now 18mm diameter another one being done on 27 Nov2023. Still have very little saliva mouth very dry had sprays etc.  Just finished 2nd lot of acupuncture sessions over last few months it has helped more than l could have hoped for swelling gone down faster, swallowing has improved and help to get me to 18mm as last 3 dilations before could only get to 16mm diameter as to much resistance. So it helped blood flow and relaxing the muscles neck and throat. Tongue still tight left side but getting better. Lost 1/3rd my body weight still now only 51.5kg tired but not easy to gain weight and muscle without proper food intake. Hydration better blood pressure was very low better now dizziness better. At least taste is finally back that was 2 years, hoping saliva comes  back soon. 

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