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I have been diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago and i have private health insurance and i am $1000 out of pocket (gap fees for surgeon,oncologist ,eccess and ct/pet scans.....I have read that the Peter Mac cancer institute does not have out of pocket fees. Should i get a second opinion and get reffered to peter mac ?

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Hello @Robkett and welcome,


That's a very difficult question to answer, you're certainly entitled to seek second opinions though.


Have you spoken with your GP and/or oncologist about it? 


Has anyone had experience with changing oncologists/surgeons and can assist Robkett?

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This probably doesn’t help, but my surgeon provides his services under both private health insurance and public systems. I asked back at the beginning to be treated under the public system and used private health insurance on a small number of occasions that necessitated the additional costs (eg, urgent gastroscopy). 


Ask your surgeon and oncologist gist if they can continue under the public health system. 




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