What else can we do to win this battle?

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What else can we do to win this battle?

Looking for help I have found this web that seems exemplary. My wife with whom I have been living for 42 years has been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. And I do not think of anything other than doing everything possible to cure her. I do not understand how cancer has not yet been defeated despite all the resources devoted to research. I think we should do something more about it and not accept without more the dramatic situation in which people with cancer and their families live. Greetings. Apologies: I only speak Spanish and the translation I do with Google.

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Re: What else can we do to win this battle?

Hello @yack and welcome!


Sorry to hear of you wife's diagnosis, how is she doing?


We are Australian but we do have a few resources that are in Spanish that might assist, you can download these and print them out:


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Re: What else can we do to win this battle?

Thank you.

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