breast cancer

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breast cancer

hey all my name is kym im 31 i have breast cancer i was broken when i found out i had cancer didnt think i would be 31 fighting breast cancer or at all its been hell of a ride tho i found out 10/04/2020 i have started chemo and im all most at the end have 3 to go then have my op in dec   im a bit scared tho but i have wonderful family and friends i was also really broken when i lost my hair i cryed a lot but one of my good friend she cut her hair with me it makes it all real when you cut hair but now its growing thanks for taking time to read this  take care xx

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Re: breast cancer

Hi @kymmy_elizabeth,

Welcome to this wonderful community. Sorry to hear about your cancer, tho there are good outcomes for breast cancer these days.
How have you been coping with the chemo?
I hope the surgery goes well for you. May I ask if you're having both breasts removed? Both of my older sisters have had breast cancer & both had a double mastectomy. I always thought I'd end up with breast cancer too, but instead I got kidney cancer.

I'm glad your hair is growing back already. I suppose it seems like ages that you've been without it tho. I hope you didn't find it too cold thru the winter. (Are you in Australia?)

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you to the Community. Take care


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Re: breast cancer

thankyou so much yeah both removed chemo has been easy for me im so thankful i have not been sick i had 1 one blood clot and trouble with a port but apart from that im been really good 


yeah im from australia i made it threw winter with out been sick i love summer here but i cant be in the sun for 2 long now but i will get threw it 


no good out your cancer hope your well 


take care 🙂

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Re: breast cancer

Keep up the good attitude & you'll do well 😉. I'm glad you've had a relatively easy time of it.

I'm fine thanks with no real problems at the moment. Just plodding along 🙂.

You take care as well.


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