Cancer affects the Carer too

Cancer affects not just the person with cancer, but also affects their carer, family members and friends.


As a carer, you may find you are so focused on your support role, that you may not realise the impact it is having on you or even neglect your own self. It is important to remember that your wellbeing matters too.



Who is this episode suitable for?

This episode is suitable for anyone in the role of caring for someone with cancer. This episode may answer some of the questions you have been may be thinking about, as well as where you can seek further information and support.


Who is in this episode?

In this episode of The Thing About Cancer, host, Julie McCrossin, talks with health psychologist Dr Ben Britton.


Dr Ben Britton with Julie McCrossinDr Ben Britton with Julie McCrossin


You can find out more about this episode here.


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