Newbie from Adelaide

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Newbie from Adelaide

Hi, I was diagnosed wih stage 1b cervical adenocarcinoma, had a cone biopsy to treat and now facing a radical hysterectomy. I'm currently looking at egg harvesting as an option to preserve some fertility. But I feel like this whirlwind is going to slow down and I will need all of the support I can get.
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Hi Dani15 I know what you mean by a whirlwind and the need for support. I had a radical hysterectomy on 30/4/15 this website inc a gyny Group you may find helpful. Check groups on top right of screen and you can request to be a member. The support from other women with similar experiences has been fantastic for me as friends and family don't always know what to say. I really hope you get the best medical care and emotional support thru this crazy cancer roller coaster. Best wishes GHT
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