Advice on living with. Neuropathy

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Advice on living with. Neuropathy

I finish my final round of chemo tomorrow, the main side-effect that I’m now left with is Neuropathy which affects my hands and both my feet causing numbness in the hands and numbness pins and needles in both feet however my right foot is worse and I also get pain in the right leg.  I am after any advice or tips that people can give me that a living with the neuropathy ideas about gloves types of socks or shoes, have you found heat pads or things like  creams help . The specialist has also prescribe Pregabalin (Lyrica) as they said this may help with pain.

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Re: Advice on living with. Neuropathy

Hi Albundy21,


I've never really taken anything to treat the neuropathy symptoms.  I guess I just lived with it.

I had it in both hands and feet. I can't tell you how many plates and glasses I've dropped and smashed.

Over time the symptoms grew weaker. I still have to be careful if I'm walking on hot ground in bare feet, because I won't necessarily be able to feel how hot the ground is under my feet. So I make sure I test how hot the ground is before walking on it.


I think that the severity of the neuropathy is going to vary a lot person to person due to factors like, where they are in their treatment,


I found that walking helped lessen the effects of the neuropathy. 


Also, have a browse through here.



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