After chemo symptoms, Chemo Brain

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After chemo symptoms, Chemo Brain

Hey, my names Austin, I’m 24 and I am currently in remission from Hodgkin’s lymphoma after 6 months of ABVD (Adriamycin, bleomycin , vinblastine, and dacarbazine) administered every 2 weeks.

i went through  chemo with very minimal side effects, mostly just feeling sluggish and was nauseous first week after each treatment. I ended treatment with still very minimal side effects and after about a month I felt 90% my normal self. Eventually felt about 99% and started celebrating alot for a few months . One day about 8 months after chemo finished and I switched to working at a new computer monitor and chair.  I went to sleep with a very bad headache and blurry vision. Woke up and didn’t go away. Symptoms have progressed to 100% of the time headache in frontal lobe area, blurry vision, tremors/involuntary shaking in mostly legs but whole body, neuropathy, base of head pain+neck, balance issues, negative after images in vision, ears feel full, ocular migraines, and I just feel slow and like I’m disconnected from reality a bit. Hard to remember anything, can’t visually think through things like I used to like a math problem, takes full concentration to feel like I’m participating in my day to day life. It’s been about half a year since symptoms started and I’ve only had one short instance of about 20 minutes that I felt symptom free in these 6 months I’ve had these issues. I’m mainly wondering if anyone else has gone through anything similiar or if they have any idea of what it could be. I assumed chemo brain at first but I’m not sure why it’d be so severe and start months after my chemo treatment. I thought it could be computer vision syndrome but don’t feel like that could translate to tremors and such severe symptoms, I was told by emergency room I had simply had migraines and neurologist hasn’t given me a definitive answer yet after a perfectly fine MRI with contrast and an electromyography. My healthcare providers don’t seem to be as invested in figuring this issue out as I am and it’s making me kinda lose hope In feeling better. I’m hoping to atleast hear from someone that they’ve gone through something similar and that they have potentially found some things to alleviate these symptoms. I do have more appointments and referrals to different neurologists but they’re booked up until august 2023 (today is Nov 12 2022) so it’ll be awhile until I really am able to find some more help. If anyone has any idea or has had a similar story I’d love to hear it. Thanks to anyone who responds. I greatly appreciate it.

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