Alternative to Operating and Radiation

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Alternative to Operating and Radiation

Has anyone or does anyone know someone who has had Thyroid Cancer, had half the thyroid and the cancer lump removed and then decided not to have the follow up operation to have the remainding thyroid removed followed by radiation Iodine therapy? I am about to have the second op on Friday and having second thoughts!
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Re: Alternative to Operating and Radiation

I am sorry I only just saw your post now. This time last year I had thryoid cancer, had the first op and then had to face having another op and idoine radiation therapy too. I was only 30 with a 3 year old daughter. I know what your going through. I had second thoughts too. When I asked my endocronologist to show me proof of why I should do second op and radiation, she could not give me anything significant. I thought to myself crap I can't reverse this if I make the wrong decision. I was a total mess and even up until the day before I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I then contacted my surgeon as I knew he was more of a stats guru and could give me more real hard evidence. He had just finished a 10 year study in Australia with about 150 patients and the findings really showed that I would be putting my health at a MUCH higher risk if I didnt' follow through with the conventional therapy. The decision became a non brainer from there on. He is a fantastic surgeon (Dr. Mark Sywak), he was even on 60 minutes. Just as well I did, because after the second op they found another lump that was hidden in the middle of my right thyroid, this was totally undetected. It was not cancer but it could have became that and we wouldn't even know. Today, I had my 12month check up scan to see if I am in the clear (its a long time to wait I know - 12 months!) and I am so glad to say that I am cancer free. WHOOOO HOOOOO! Everything that I have been through in the past year has been worth it after all. And to know for sure that you are ok, there is nothing that compares to it. If I didn't follow through I would be living everyday wondering. The radiation for thyroid cancer is actually an effective type of radiation and the treatment has proven to be worth it. It's ok to have one large dose so to have the initial dose after your surgery is really not a big risk. It's only if you go on to have big doses year after year that it becomes a concern. For me I look at this way: I was lucky to have a cancer that had such a high success rate and was very treatable with iodine radiation therapy, unlike others who don't get the same opportunity. It would be hasty of me to reject it when it works very well. I don't have to do the other follow up ones in 2years if I don't see the need, but the inital treatment is what gave me the best start to recovery. That is the most important one to have. I am glad now that I didn't say no and went ahead with it. I no longer have to wonder anymore, everyday. What kind of cancer did they find for you? Mine was Follicular Carsinoma. It had only just began to spread and was considered a big tumor 4 x 4cm. Will you be going to RNS hospital in Sydney? The staff there were great for me. I can give you some tips if you like. I wish you all the best with whatever you decide. Mel
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