Bowel cancer

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Bowel cancer

Hi Guys,

Im a new by to this site. Been on chemo since jan 2019. Unfortunately I have the one that never goes away, it got my bowel, liver and 1 lung but am having a bit of a win, got it under control it seems but could be different tomorrow as we all know. I’m struggling with the numb & tingling in the feet & fingers, has anyone found something to ease it as I found that CLINDATECH ACNE TREATMENT ( TROPICAL) works excellent on chemo rash. Hope this helps others.  Does anyone know what they class as 1 round of chemo. My Prof said to me, don’t worry yours is a life time round. I just smiled and said     Thanks.

Regards JOHNNO

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Re: Bowel cancer

Hi Ftruck

Im new too....first timer here

I started my first dose of chemo last Tuesday and ended up having a heart that's a side effect!!!

Im starting again next week in hospital so they can keep an eye on me.

So far all I have found is the cold affects me. Cant touch anything cold with any part of my body or it feels like icicles. Cant eat or drink anything cold as it feels like razor blades in my throat.

Soooo looking forward to next week NOT

Stay positive


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Re: Bowel cancer

Welcome both!


How are you doing this week?


@PhilPepper is another member of our community currently undergoing treatment, no doubt you would all have experiences in common 💕



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