Carcinoma survivor

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Carcinoma survivor

Hello glad be here sharing my personal means im still alive after all!, had scc stage 1 on my gum ..(.im not smoker healthy life),

In feb 2018 had half jaw and one lymphnode,neck dissection ,bone and skin draft.and a titanium bar in my jaw..a plus i had infection after this surgery and my jugular vein was removed and replaced with the vein from my other leg...but i made it.

After surgery my neck, chin inside mouth and half tougue are numb..i had 6 weeks of radiations on neck and jaw i finished 1 month concern about this feeling of super stiffiness on neck and on my inside mouth muscles.(scare tissue or fibrosis??).i don t know if is from radiation or from the surgery.. can this be permanent or be even worse?.is really annoyng.doctors said that is to early for know..and another question why im still cant accept this happened to me?

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Re: Carcinoma survivor

Hi @Jo1 and welcome.


What an experience you've had Smiley Surprised


As you appear to be in the USA, I wonder if you've reached out to the American Cancer Society? They run a national helpline, similar to our 13 11 20 information and support line over here in Australia. You can contact them on 800-227-2345.


Has anyone here had a similar experience to @Jo1's with the numbness and muscle stiffness? And perhaps some ways of relieving such?

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