Chemo acne


Chemo acne

I'm 3 rounds in with 5fu chemotherapy. My skin is full of pimples on my face, in my hair, my chest, my back, my butt cheeks. My mouth is starting to feel more sensitive. I have 3 more rounds before my next scan to see how I'm traveling and how effective the chemotherapy is. Can I use kenacomb cream for the pimples? 

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Re: Chemo acne

Hello @Rhi1983 and welcome!


Sorry to hear you've been experiencing acne. Has your doctor or oncologist prescribed kenacomb?


Has anyone else out there experienced acne as a side effect?



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Re: Chemo acne

I have my 3rd dose tomorrow and after my 2nd dose last Friday  I got pimples all over my chest, back, and now my face. I will be seeing my onc on Monday and hopefully will have an answer for us both. 🙂


I hate pimples!!!!

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