Chemo.......some relief of side effects?


Chemo.......some relief of side effects?

Gday..Just about to start my 3rd Cycle of Chemo and have finished 5 days Radiation on Hip.I have stage 4 Lung Cancer with secondary in Pelvis.My first Chemo was sabotaged by a bad virus which I spent 3 days in isolation...NOT fun..and my second Chemo seems to have invented some new side effects than my first.I have found some relief from the neusea from Ginger tablets (while still taking Pramin) and have found they help me tremendously.I also take Endone (but only before bed along with 2 Panadol) to help leg cramps and hip pain.I also take 1/2 Diazapam ONLY of a night to help me sleep, and of coarse Coloxyl to help with the side effect of the Endone and to help Constipation (who`d of thought you have to take a tablet to relieve the side effect of a tablet...hmmmm)I was recomended to take Astragalus from the chemist at The Cancer clinic and will post effects after my Catscan.The Chemo is also knocking out my immune system with my neutrophils being down to 1.2 before my last chemo, so being very careful is important if you dont want to get sicker.I like working in the garden so Face mask,Hat,sunscreen,insect repellent,Gloves,long pants,shoes and sunnies are the norm (and I live in the Tropics!!!)A good diet (Fresh veggies and fruit) definitely helps and have found some wonderful smoothy recipes.If you have to go out, and dont want to look like an alien with face mask etc..make sure you have a handy pack of "Good" Hand sanitizer with you and stay clear of anyone who looks like they may have a cold etc...Hope this helps some people...Greg
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