Clinical Trials CDX - 110


Clinical Trials CDX - 110

There is a trial of a vaccine being undertaken at phase 2/3(?) (which from an old posting in Feb 2010 by the original research doctor indicated that some GBMs have a particular protein and this vaccine has been designed for and so far have had success at starving some of the tumour - my expression so maybe wrong terminology) I believe that the protein could be in up to 40% of GBM sufferers Pfizer was a leader in the trails but returned the rights of rindopepimut (CDX-110) the therapeutic cancer vaccine,in Sept 2010, to Celldex Therapeutics because the drug is “no longer a strategic priority” for the company, raising questions about the viability of the program. So there is a trial at least being undertaken, and from my perspective, the results look mixed but still only infer some longer life, and only for some people with a tumour with the protein. Being America I guessing that if it does get up and running then it will be expensive. There may be some hope but for who it would be suitable, whether it works and whether it would be available in time ..... Is any one has insights into all this? Regards to all Geoff
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