Stomach cancer, only 45 yrs

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Stomach cancer, only 45 yrs

Had 2/3 of stomach removed, stage 3, just luv my 25 stitches. Week 3 for chemo, radiation to start end of month Not looking forward to losing my hair, sick of being told it grows back Very little side effects so far Only 16 more weeks of treatment, but who's counting
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Re: Stomach cancer, only 45 yrs

No ham, say cancer experts Julia Medew May 24, 2011 Comments 60 CANCER experts have issued a fresh warning about eating red and processed meat after ''the most authoritative report'' on the subject drew a direct connection with bowel cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund is advising people to limit their intake of beef, pork and lamb and avoid processed meat such as ham and salami. WCRF scientists at Imperial College London studied 263 research papers looking at the role of diet, weight and physical activity in bowel cancer. Advertisement: Story continues below An independent panel confirmed that there is ''convincing evidence'' that both red and processed meat increase bowel cancer risk, said the WCRF report, published yesterday. ''WCRF recommends that people limit consumption to 500 grams of red meat a week, and avoid processed meat.'' The 850-page report is ''the most authoritative ever'' on bowel cancer risk, experts claim. About 13,500 people develop bowel cancer in Australia each year and about 4000 die from it. It is the third most common cancer. The chief executive of the Cancer Council Australia, Professor Ian Olver, said about 43 per cent of cases could be prevented if people ate less meat and more fibre, drank less, maintained healthy weight and kept active. Read more:
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