Colonoscopy sedation

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Colonoscopy sedation

Hi All, Not sure where to post this, so I just went for general. I have a question in relation to colonoscopies, which may be answerable by anyone who has had one or more. Yes, I'm a cancer survivor, but not colon cancer. I've had lots of colon polyps removed over the years, but ended up with cancer in my tongue, of all places - yet I'm a non-smoker. My delightfully funny wife (not) declared that it must have been from talking too much crap. See what I have to put up with? Anyway, I've always had routine 'scopes in the private system, but for financial reasons, this next one will be at St Vincent's public in Melbourne. I have always been asleep in the past, with a consultant anaesthetist administering the light GA / sedative. I have not recollection of anyone even so much as laying a hand on me. The literature on how they do this at St V's is a little bit...vague. Has anyone out there had a scope at St V's? Can anyone share their experience? Did you feel anything? Was it "lights out" - asleep? Any recollections? I have heard the odd horror story about scope sedatives in the public system. Thanks for any assistance available. Regards, Mark.
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Re: Colonoscopy sedation

Mark All my surgery have been as a public patient,including at St Vincent's I haven't had a colonoscopy there,but have had a few colonoscopies elsewhere, and always I have been knocked out by anaesthetic ,I would not be to concerned about being conscious,there anaesthetist gave me the right dose and was gentle on me ,where another hospital anaesthetist deemed me to risky for an anaesthetic and would not perform surgery.Good Luck kj
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