Lung cancer has spread to my brain

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Lung cancer has spread to my brain

I was diagnosed with lung cancer over Easter 2015. My daughter is an oncology nurse and quite keen for me to undertake treatment, especially when the doctors said in the first instance they'd treat for a cure. I was so sure it wouldn't happen to me, I would be okay, and indeed after 6 weeks radiation and chemo and more than 6 weeks recovery (including 2 weeks back in hospital to control symptoms). I even made it back to work 2 days a week, which was wonderful because it did feel like life would go on. after a hairy drive to work I rang my daughter and she picked me up and we went back to the hospital - a CT scan revealed a brain tumour and another 6 lesions. I was in surgery before I had time to think, and the operation seems to have been a success - I have just been fitted for a mask for whole brain radiation starting tomorrow. Everything has happened so fast I haven't had time to think or assimilate, still waiting to chat with my GP about where this is all heading, though I have made arrangements to involve the pallative care nurse and services. I'm struggling to stay positive and wonder when its time to just enjoy any time you have left. I'm feeling very tired.

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Re: Lung cancer has spread to my brain

I can hear the tiredness and despair in your writing. I hope that nearly two months on things are clearer for you. My Mum had whole brain radiation following brain tumour surgery (secondary lung cancer). Like you she had a successful operation and has been cancer free for 12 months. Follow your heart. You are blessed to have a daughter so well trained in all that you are experiencing. All the best.
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