Drug trials for CLL

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Drug trials for CLL


Was wondering if there is anyone who has been on or going through a drug trial for CLL? I would like to find out more as i am about to start on Ibrutinib.



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Re: Drug trials for CLL

Hi @Kiwi and welcome!


There would no doubt be someone here somewhere with or who has had CLL. Has anyone out there been on a trial of any sort with CLL or had experience with Ibrutinib?


I've also gathered some links which might help you as well:

I would suggest taking any questions to the person running your clinical trial as well. Please do keep us updated on how you're doing with your treatment Smiley Happy

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Re: Drug trials for CLL

Hi Kate

Thanks for the email and the links..they were very comprehensive and informative.

Hopefully will be able to connect with people who are on the trial or have been on the trial. 

I am on day 6 and so far so good..havent had many side effects but definitely noticed the swelling in my neck lymphnoids have disappeared drastically.

I am very fortunate to be on this trial and want to share my journey with others.



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