Head and neck Lymphoedema after Radio

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Head and neck Lymphoedema after Radio

Seven months after last chemo another new Radio Gift reared its ugly head-Face and Neck Lymphoedema.

  It was interestesting to discover first hand what people meant by "woody neck" and "moonface" (oh, did I mention "Turkey Chin?).

   Having run out of insurance and no access to medical people...I had to turn to research on the internet.  By now the left side of my face had ballooned, my chin had disappeared under swelling and my neck was not only swelled to one side but also disfigured.

   Came across a tincture called Red Root which was said to clean up lymphatic system and of help to people whose lymph nodes and channels were insulted or plum fried by Radiotherapy.

   Tried a measly 10 drops in water the afternoon it came in and 15 drops that night before bed.

   The results the morning after were amazing-the swelling was noticeably reduced, my ability to rotate my neck was less painful.  This is only the second day (15 drops this morning and 15drops at lunch time) and already my jawline is almost visible, most of my turkey chin has been refuced and the arc of swing my face from side to side is increased.

   This stuff is pretty incredible.  If you or someone you know is suffering fom Lymphoedema due to radio...have them research this.  It's working for me.

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