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Hi , firstly my profile says bowel cancer it's actually colon cancer if that makes any difference. So 2015 the year I fell apart, I will get a t-shirt with that on it, I had some backside pain and went to my GP who examined and sent me to the QEH for more examinations. They didn't feel the same thing so it was suggested I get a colonoscopy this as on a Friday on the Saturday night I had a heart attack and on November 3rd had a triple bypass. 23rd December I had the colonoscopy and on 30th found out it was cancer. I have since had CT and MRI scans and saw the oncologist and radiologist who both agree based on the type of cancer that chemo/radio therapy could be successful which was a relief as I had (probably typical?) thoughts that it was game over. So in next weekish that all begins anyways thank the gods for PlayStation cause it seems again I will be spending plenty of time getting my Char max levelled and raiding AGAIN lol Richard
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