Hodgkins Lymphoma

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Hodgkins Lymphoma

I am 21 years old and Have just started my first chemo on the 4.7.12 following 2 lung surgeries to remove nodes and one ememrgency surgery because I had a lymphatic leak. Im new to this site and still trying to see how it works. I was wanting to connect with people with the same condition and see there experiences, its also difficult as Im not in contact with any young people and want someone to relate to. In saying that I am open and happy to have anyone of any age and any condition to talk to, its not exclusive, and would just like to hear of others experiences. I have started on ABVD therapy which is going ok so far, I have had a few bouts of nausea when I ran out of anti-nausea tablets and had to get more. Otherwise Im doing ok. It is winter and I keep thinking I cant just sit at home all day but its hard to get out to go for a walk and do some excercise, is this my motivation or the chemo? I have a job to go back to when I finish treatment, ironically im a nurse ( a new one that still has alot of learning to do ) I have a wonderful partner and worry about my future having childeren, I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which aready de-creases my chances. Also the relapse rate and higher change of getting secondary cancers when Im older bothers me, and makes me question if I should even be thinking about childeren. I have taste and smell changes from the chemo. I can smell a strange smell uner my fingers no matter how much I wash them, but no one else can smell it. I dont know if it sounds stupid but I was wondering if maybe its the chemo? Like when you eat garlic and your fingers smell. Maybe its just me.
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