IVC Filter complications

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IVC Filter complications

Hi all, I am new to the site, well I did join two years ago but with the meds I was on I dont know what user name I used. I am 32 and living in Perth with my hubby and young child. We were living in Kalgoorlie when I was diagnosed with a High-grade Sarcoma in my right pelvic area and was flown to Perth for treatment. I have had chemo and radiation and an IVC Filter fitted because of numerous DVT`s in my leg due to the tumour. I was also fitted with a Vital Port which was removed in January of this year. The Cardiovascular team tried to remove the Filter as it has collapsed on itself but were unsuccessful. I have now been referred to a Vein Specialist who is sending me for an ultrasound on my legs and then will discuss with his team as to what they do next. Is there anyone in or has been in a similar situation? Kindest regards x
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