In treatment for Plasmacytoma...


In treatment for Plasmacytoma...

So I'm 60% through my radiation treatment.  Feeling really drained...and discouraged becuase I know I have a 50% chance of this becomng multiple myeloma.  I'm struggling to keep positive for my family, and viewing my glass as half full.  Just trying to not feel so alone.  Lots of friends try to give support, positive thoughts, and "advice".  But none of them truly understand, unlike the people in this that's why I'm here...again, trying to not feel alone.  


Who has any experience with a plasmacytoma, or radiation?  How do you keep up your energy?

Cancer Council Team

Re: In treatment for Plasmacytoma...

Hi @bcj128,


Sorry to hear that your having such a tough time, we're glad to hear that the forum is providing support for you.


We have some useful information online which you might like to have a look at.

There's a publication on Radiation Therapy which is under the Treatment and side effcets heading on the page. Here is a link to the inofrmation, you will then be able to download the publication directly.  Treatment and side effects


Additionally we also have our webinar and podcast that focus on managing fatigue, below here is are links 

Fatigue after Cancer Treatment

Managing Cancer Fatigue



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