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New Member saying hello

Hey there everyone, nice to find this place so thought I better say hello. My name is Simon, and I'm almost 48. Last May I was diagnosed with a base of tongue ssc cancer. It was already well progressed because I'm useless when it comes to Doctors, but the prognosis was good. Pretty much all the experts thought we could beat it, so into treatment I went. Bit daunting, and as you will all know it's not much fun having your throat slowly fried over 7 weeks. The Chemo' dose I was on wasn't super high, so I was lucky enough to not suffer the side effects too badly. Treatment finished in September, and I was given the all clear in December. Last 2 weeks or so I've had a lot of pain, so instead of waiting for my next scan I met with my specialist at Westmead to see what's going on. Turns out it's back. Slightly different place, but still in my throat. This one's a lot more aggressive so they tell me, so it's off for a PET tomorrow, then an MRI the next day, then back to the Cancer Team on Friday to see what we will do. I'm confident, we smashed it last time and I know what to expect for round 2. Last time I didn't think to look for a Forum where we can all get together, so I'm glad I've found this place. Anyhow, that's my (long winded) story. Look forward to chatting with you all and hopefully I can lend some support ;) Cheers, Simo
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Hi everyone. My name is luckydog. My wife is at Stage 4 lung cancer and doctors say about seven months to live. Very heavy time for her and I as most of you probably know well. A few prayers might help. All the best.
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