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Two and a half weeks after my lobectomy I have a sharp pain in my left lung each time I inhale. (The lobectomy was on my right side).  I was panting, as it hurt so much to breathe.  I called the ambulance and they rushed me to the local hospital.  They checked for a blood clot, and when there wasnt one, they sent me home in pain, with the advice to see my GP in the week. I was horrified, was it becasue I have Lung Cancer that they didnt want to spend time on me?


After a sleepless night and more pain, I went to ED at FSH.  I should of done this in the first place.  They checked the xray that the local hospital did the day before, and straight away they could see i had Pneumonia!! This was treated with intravenous antibiotics, and I was kept in for two days.


I am still on oral antibiotics, but it is great to be able to breathe without pain.


It concerns me that the local hospital did not want to spend time investigating the cause.



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Re: Pneumonia

Morning @Frankie, how are you doing this morning?


Sorry to read of your experience. Maybe seek out your states health body/department and have a chat to someone there? I am very glad you were able to get everything sorted though Heart



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