Radiation dermatitis treatment recommendation

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Radiation dermatitis treatment recommendation

Hi all


I recently completed a 35-day 70 Gray radiation treatment regime for throat cancer.  Amongst the many things going on during treatment I signed up to a trial for a skin protection product called Strata XRT, the trial compared it to Sorbolene.  I was on the Strata XRT and saw many who were on the standard treatment.


This is a quick post to recommend the Strata XRT product and suggest you accept any offer to use it.  I came through treatment with no bad burns or major skin problems other than peeling.  This compared to other trial participants on regular treatments who had open weeping burns and the like.


I'm sure there'll be a formal report on the trial but for now, if you get offered this product, I'd recommend you give it a go.  In fact, I'd go so far as to recommend you buy and use it if you are entering a radiation treatment program.





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Re: Radiation dermatitis treatment recommendation

I am glad your experience was a positive one @Anonymous Smiley Happy

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Re: Radiation dermatitis treatment recommendation

I was in the same situation, but opposite end of the trial, the Sorbalene group.


I discontinued when the severity of the burns and discomfort warranted it - sorbalene became painful to apply.


If you can't get access to the Strata product, one alternative that gives relief is an off-the-shelf cream called "MOO GOO" .. the nursing staff at the radiation clinic strongly recommended it, and they were right.


Whatever you do, don't rely solely on sorbalene, the moo goo is a better alternative in lieu of StrataX.

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Re: Radiation dermatitis treatment recommendation

wow, I wish the trial was around when I was goi g thru my radiation. 



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